15 April 2015
Finance and sustainability crash course - session 4

1 Financial innovations for sustainability

Speakers: Per Olsson, Mauricio Portillo Relevant background reading on A Theory of Transformative Agency in Linked Social-Ecological Systems

1.1 Innovations in the global financial system - transformation, scaling, agency

The global financial system - e-journal USA, issue of e-journal USA

  • Institutional investors
  • Private investors
  • Banking
  • Financial accounts
  • Bond market

  • Do social innovations relating to financial sustainability initiatives contribute to large-scale transformations or do they reinforce the existing (flawed) paradigm?

1.2 Scaling processes in finance for sustainability

Investors/funds -> (financial investments) -> Investment structures -> (Conservation investment) -> Activation of cash flow -> (Conservation impact) -> Ecosystem with conservation needs -> (Impact reporting to investors)

Transformative trends in business and the economy

Global clusters of innovation - Jerome S. Engel

1.3 Types of impact investors - by Mauricio

Types of investments: Cash, Senior debt, Mezzanine/Quasi equity, Public equity, Alternative instruments: Venture capital, Private/Growth equity, Real estate, Other real assets, absolute return (hedge funds).

Types of investors:

  • Finance First investors

  • Impact First investors

Types of impact of investments

Interesting figure from Open Capital

1.3.1 Case study 1 - Acumen fund investment in Indian power plants

1.3.2 Case study 2 - Aqua Spark investment in Aquaculture

1.3.3 Case study 3 - Fish 2.0

1.4 Social inclusive businesses

Social benefits vs. economic benefits

1.4.2 Note for real-world-ecnomics piece

Impact investments and the sustainability transitions What is the potential role of impact investors and other types of sustainability oriented investments in driving social transformations?


The following literature was cited

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